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Vision, Mission, Goals



The Athabasca Denesuline Education Authority program is sensitive to the social and economic realities of the community and the outside world and is dedicated to preparing students to be productive and responsible citizens in either. It must prepare students to competently participate in both First Nation and non-First Nation worlds and to appreciate the merits of both.


The Athabasca Denesuline Education Authority supports an educational environment that recognizes and affirms the integrity of the individual and the importance of family and community in child rearing, that fosters mutual respect among staff, students, and community members and that is dedicated to principles of free inquiry and expression. In fulfilling its educational mission, the educational program will be comprehensive in nature, providing educational alternatives that respond to the unique aptitude, interests and abilities of each student.


1. Competency in basic academic skills (literacy and numeracy) that will serve as a foundation for future endeavors and life-long learning;

2. Moral and ethical values consistent with the teachings of our Denesuline Elders and the Catholic faith;

3. Physical and emotional health and wellness;

4. An ability to cope rationally, intelligently and constructively with problems and issues as they arise;

5. An awareness of self and an understanding of his or her relationship to the community, the environment and the world; 

6. An understanding of and fluency in the Denesuline language and an appreciation of and competency in traditional cultural activities, economies, identities, institutions and traditions.