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Activity Report

activity report

  The Athabasca Denesuline Education Authority (ADEA) has a vision that is sensitive to the social and economic realities of each community it works with as well as the outside world. The ADEA is dedicated to preparing students to be productive, responsible citizens that can completely participate in both First Nation and non-First Nation worlds while honouring the language, tradition and culture of their First Nation community.

  The ADEA is a very new authority. It was established and formalized in August 2019. It is the first education authority in Saskatchewan and only the 2nd in Canada formed under an amalgamation of First Nation Bands. The ADEA was established under the Federal Government Education Transformation initiative. Governed by a Board of Directors with representatives from each of the three communities, the ADEA is responsible for the schools in Fond Du Lac, Hatchet Lake and Black Lake. All grades, from Pre-K to Grade 12, fall under the financial and educational responsibility of the Authority.

  The ADEA team includes professional staff in the following educational areas: Special Education and Assistive Technology, Literacy, Numeracy, Career and Guidance, Early Childhood, Speech and Language. All these professionals work directly with the schools to improve programming and outcomes for the students.

  During the past two years the ADEA has implemented many changes for the benefit of the students, school and community. The following list is not comprehensive but rather highlights some of the many things we have accomplished in the past 2 years.



K4/K5 Early Learning

  • Established a K4 program and expanded K5 from ½ day to a full day and provided the necessary training, furnishings, equipment and supplies for set-up and expansion


Language, Culture and Tradition

  • Cultural supplies and resources sent to each school
  • Cultural camps for each school were set up and the resources for classrooms and Land Based Learning were purchased


Educational Programs, Purchases and Training

  • Purchased Fountas and Pinnell Levelled Literacy kits for Grades 1-9; Jump Math Grades 1-9
  • Student Attendance and Engagement reward program administered by Principals
  • Developing and distributing resources to schools for students with exceptionalities and training for the Learning Support Teachers
  • The Learning Bar has been contracted to implement the following programs and courses: Confident Learner, Science of Reading, Teaching and Assessment, and Phonics Advantage and to develop Professional Learning Communities within each school
  • Online programs that have been established include Edmentum – Course Ware and Exact Path, Learning A-Z, Math Prodigy, IXL, Microsoft Suites (including Teams for the classroom) with staff training
  • Training for staff to have virtual classrooms
  • Educational Psychologist services for the communities initially via WEBEX/TEAMS before the families meet with the Educational Psychologist in the communities
  • Speech Language Programs in all three elementary schools
  • Auditory Assessments for all 4 schools
  • Developing and distributing resources to schools for high needs students and students requiring interventions through speech and language programs
  • Training new Learning Support Teachers in person and through online sessions
  • Continual coaching and modeling for teachers, educational assistants and Learning Support Teachers by ADEA staff


Technology and Licensing

  • Purchased 1200 Chrome books and charging carts, headphones, mice and backpacks for students
  • 300 Computers for Schools distributed to community families
  • 150 laptops for Administrators and Teachers
  • 100 Chrome books for Education Assistants support staff
  • 83 Ben Q units plus computers to run them for classrooms, libraries, special education rooms and meeting areas in the schools
  • 111 computers to update computer labs in the four schools
  • Licensing for all school computers
  • Internet upgrade from 50mbs to 100 mbs
  • Wireless access points in ball schools
  • Establishing home and school connections for online learning
  • Establishment and maintenance of an ADEA official website
  • Upgrade of photocopiers in 2 schools
  • Virtual Career Fairs for High School students.


  • Purchased 7 buses for the schools and have licensed drivers
  • Tractors (with cab and bucket) and attachments (snow blowers, mowers, pallet forks) for each community
  • Purchased 5 Trucks for maintenance workers and Superintendents


Building Maintenance, Safety and COVID Supplies

  • Making sure schools are meeting safety codes and regular maintenance is being carried out
  • Updating and fixing the community teacherages
  • Backpacks and portable foggers and disinfectant provided for each school and all buses
  • Masks, face shields, hand sanitizer and dispensers, signage, disinfectant wipes and thermometers provided for all schools and regularly replenished.