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Our Schools' Mental Health Resources

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Northern Supports
ADCFS Inc. Main # (306) 284-4915

As saulted Women's
Helpline                  1-866-863-0511

Hope for Wellness

Indian Residential School
Crisis Line 24/7

Kids Help Phone    1-800-668-6868

Missing Murdered
Indigenous Women & Girls
Indian Residential Survival Society        1-800-732-0066

Interval House: Women's
Abuse Crisis Line   1-338-0880

Menta l Health & Substance
use support 24/7

WELLNESS to 686868 for
to 741741 for adults
Problem Gamblin Helpline

Suicide Crisis Line 988

Talk Suicide Canada 24/7
1-833-456-4566/text 45645

Trans Lifeline (Transgender
Helpline)                 1-877-330-6366

(306) 665-1224
Fond Du Lac
Father Gamache Memorial School:

Tracy Carlson

Tammy Lidguerre

Mary Ledoux

(306) 207-1913
Community Health Clinic
(306) 686-2003   

Mental Health  Services            (306) 686-2211          

Addiction Services
(306) 686-2225
Indian Residential School Support Program
(306) 686-2223          
(306) 6862060           
Athabasca Denesuline Child &
Family Services
(306) 686-2155
Black Lake/Stony Rapids
Father Porte School
Mental Health

Rosanna Good

Samantha Clarke

Dana Case

(306) 207-1922
Black Lake Health

Black Lake RCMP

Black Lake Mental
Black Lake Addictions
Wollaston Lake
Mental Health Therapists
Father Megret Elementary

Beatrice Aistine

Carol Ninine

(639) 312-0090

Father Megret High School:

Linda Sayazie

Sylvia Tsannie

(639) 312-0092
Wollaston Health Center
(306) 633-2065

Mental Health
(306) 633-2042
Cell (639) 216-7244
Wollaston RCMP
(306) 633-1200

Peer Support Line 1-800-268-9688 or
text 647-694-4275

Prince Albert

Holistic Wellness PAGC
(306) 765-5305
Enhance Your Well-Being: Discover the Best Apps for Managing Mental Health and Wellness
  1. Mindshift - A mental health app designed to help users manage anxiety by offering strategies based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) principles, including mindfulness exercises, thought journals, and coping cards.

  2. PTSD Coach - Developed by the VA, this app assists individuals living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by providing education about PTSD, self-assessment tools, and coping strategies.

  3. Belly/Bio (Breathing app) - Focuses on promoting relaxation through biofeedback and breathing techniques. It likely helps users practice diaphragmatic breathing to reduce stress and improve mental well-being.

  4. QuitNow! - A supportive app for individuals looking to quit smoking, offering tracking tools, motivational messages, and a community feature to connect with others going through the same journey.

  5. Take a Break! - Offers guided meditations and stress relief exercises designed to provide quick relief from stress and help users find a moment of peace during busy days.

  6. What's Up? - Utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) methods to help users cope with depression, anxiety, stress, and more. Features include habit trackers, mood trackers, and information articles.

  7. Relax with Andrew Johnson Lite - A relaxation app that uses guided audio recordings by Andrew Johnson to help users unwind and fall asleep. The "Lite" version suggests a free or trial offering with basic features for better sleep.

  8. Bearable - A comprehensive symptom tracker app that allows users to monitor various aspects of their health and well-being, including mood, medication, sleep, and physical symptoms, to identify patterns and triggers.

  9. eMoods Classic - Specifically designed for individuals with bipolar disorder, this app enables users to track daily mood swings, medication adherence, sleep patterns, and other symptoms relevant to managing their condition effectively.

  10. Finch - A mental health app that combines self-care with a virtual pet. Users improve their well-being by engaging in activities like mood tracking, goal setting, and daily reflections, all while nurturing their digital companion. This gamified approach encourages consistent self-care routines.